Bath People is all things bath! We are a wife and husband team who share a love for all things water! Baths, showers, hot springs, the beach, you name it! From ceramics, to wood working, to natural skincare and bath products. I have always loved designing, creating and sharing my result. After making natural bath care for our friends and family for years, we decided to share with the rest of the world! 

We bring to the world simple, natural and clean bath products! Our skin is our biggest organ, and sucks up everything we put on it. This includes what we’re soaking in and what your washing off!


Simple, Natural and Clean.

We believe less is more. We strive to keep our quality high and our ingredients low. We only include the ingredients that matter, leaving chemicals and fillers out.

In most industries, natural is a word that has no legal meaning. However, natural does have meaning! The word natural to us means no chemicals, no nasty preservatives and no synthetic fragrances, just raw ingredients good ole Mother Nature put here for us to use. See our No List. 

No one like being weighed down by thick oils and sticky residues. We have intentionally formulated all of our products to be lightweight with refreshing natural aromas. Encouraging you to feel amazing in your own skin, to feel good naked.

Toxin Free

Our products never have:

NO Synthetic Fragrance We use essential oils
NO Artificial Dyes and Colorants We use natural colorants from the earth such as clays, herbs and botanicals that are safe from toxic chemicals.
NO Parabens
NO Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
NO Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
NO Triethanolamine (TEA)
NO PEG Compounds
NO Palm Oil
NO Glitter 
because we care about the planet AND female genitalia
NO Fillers 
NO Preservatives just freshly made products.

Save the planet

Packaging Minimal

We love design, but we also care about the planet and understand most packing gets thrown immediately in the trash. In saying that all of our packaging is purposeful and is either biodegradable or able to be reused/recycled.

Whenever possible we use glass instead of plastic to provide you with packaging that can be reused and ENDLESSLY recycled.  

Our packing will evolve continuously as we find more sustainable options that fit our brand image.